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92 Venice Today, Peru stands at a crossroads, with its Old World customs gleaming underneath a modern-day veneer. BY NILA DO SIMON 160 Venice THE LEGEND OF PERU ight now, Peru is having a moment. It's experiencing a golden age of tourism that coincides perfectly with its rising economy and unofficial recognition as Latin America's culinary capital. This coastal country once solely known for its cultural treasures has now become a must-see destination for jet-setters. "Peru is a privileged tourist destination worldwide, ranking within the top 10 world places for [its] authenticity, art and culture, history and natural beauty," says Ricardo Romero, the director of the Trade Commission of Peru. According to the Trade Commission, Peru is considered one of the world's leading emerging markets, with economic stability based on an uninterrupted average annual growth over the past 14 years. To truly appreciate Peru, one has to understand its people and their rich history. Much of today's residents are living embodiments of their Andean an- cestors: proud, hard-working and indigenous people who revere everything brought up from the earth. They believe all living things—be it trees, animals, rivers, rocks and everything in between—together create a holy balance to life. R

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