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84 Fall 2020 Tell us about your prized possessions. I have a couple of Sprayground backpacks that I take with me everywhere because they serve as my office. I keep my computer, its power cord, my digital recorder, a Wi-Fi air card, notepads, pens and headphones in there so that no matter where I go, I can plop down and do work. Sometimes working at home becomes stagnant, so I occasionally have to relocate to let the inspiration flow. Sprayground gives me the opportunity to show my personality and style. I've got this Tupac bag that pays homage to the most inspirational entertainer of my lifetime. I must have had 100 people compliment me on how cool that bag looks. The other possession I cherish is the Human Touch Reflex4 foot and calf massager that I use at least twice a week. I'm flat-footed and have developed foot issues as I've aged, especially after being rear-ended and herniating a disk in my back. The foot massager has this shiatsu mode that provides my calves with relief and puts me in a comfort zone after a long day of working at home. Why are these possessions so special? The photo on the Tupac backpack features him shooting a cameraman the double-finger salute that says, "Fuck the world." Sometimes that's my mood. I love things that speak for me without me having to say a word. And at 43 years old, I've learned that I'll wake up at least once a week and a body part is hurting more than it should. I can't afford to get massaged and adjusted on a regular basis, so the Human Touch Reflex4 is the best at-home route without annoying my wife by asking her to give me foot rubs every week. But for the record, I still ask for them. Some of my most prized possessions are handwritten letters I've written over the past few years to my babies, Micah and Maverick, for them to open as adults. Some of the letters were written before they were born, while others were written the day they were born. Some I wrote during birthdays; others I just wrote when I felt I wanted to capture a message to them. These letters mean so much to me because in this day and age, so much of what we do is electronic. There is something so beautiful about a note with a person's actual handwriting on it. My handwriting is like chicken scratch, but these are a time capsule of sorts for my children and me to remember all the ages and stages of our lives together. Another prized possession of mine is a bottle of our award-winning vintage of Channé Rosé. This award was given by one of the oldest wine competitions in the world, the prestigious Concours Général Agricole in France. In the 2019 competition in Paris, more than 16,000 wines were tasted, and only 334 from Provence took home a medal. And we were one of the winners! Why does this mean so much to me? I worked closely with my winemaker in France to create this special blend while I was pregnant and then as I was becoming a new mama. It was difficult to balance launching a business with being a hands-on mom, but I still kept on. In some ways, Channé Rosé is like another baby of mine. I am so dedicated and passionate about what we put in these bottles and am so excited that it shows through. Less than three years later, you can catch wine lovers enjoying our blend throughout Florida and Georgia, as well as Long Island, New York. Kavita Channe Founder of Channé Rosé wine "There is something so beautiful about a note with a person's actual handwriting on it." "The Human Touch Reflex4 is the best at-home route without annoying my wife by asking her to give me foot rubs." Omar Kelly NFL columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and host of the web-based weekly show "X's and Omar" PORTRAIT OF KAVITA CHANNE BY MELISSA SWEREDOSKI

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